A farmer’s love story…

While all of you slept warm in your bed,

Farmers and ranchers were out checking their head.

Searching the fields and shining bright lights

Trekking in freezing temps to make sure all was alright

But look over there! A cow is in labor.

She WOULD pick the coldest night to worry us and the neighbor

Give her an hour, go back to the house

Wait till she’s done, be quiet as a mouse!

Back out we go to check on the calf

Ice cycled babies require a staff.

Elsa from Frozen will soon like his ears

Wish we were warm and drinking some beers….

Baby is cold, shivering, and wet

But dealing with momma is currently our threat!

Man is she pissed!

As Hubs shakes his fist!

She says, “BRING IT, BIG BOY!”

Momma’s DONE being coy!

We run for the truck when she charges our butts,

Knowing she’s trying to trample our guts!

I drive the truck up all sly with Hubs in the back

We steal baby IceCube and head to the shack

Haha…We’ve tricked you, big cow, and no one got hurt!

Your baby calf is now wearing a shirt!

Into the basement at midnight for care

His temp doesn’t register giving us a scare.

Colder than cold, needing to warm…

Time for a bath to beat back the storm.

Newly finished bathroom now has a user,

It was supposed to be ME! not this big cold bruiser!

Sitting forever with IceCube just bathing

His temp coming up is actually quite amazing!

He’s trying to stand, he’s finally stopped shivering

Time to get out after a memorable delivering

Hubs says go rest,

I say, “No way, till IceCube is dressed!!!”

He’s warm, while snuggled in blankets with all of my love

Baby is happy, a true gift from Above!

So to bed we go for just a few short hours

But we’re back at it again saying “Please, God…no scours!!!”

IceCube has made the basement his home

But he’s mooing and moving, wanting to roam

It’s back to the farm,

Where Momma still wishes us harm…

But IceCube is happy and bucking

And so he goes straight to sucking!

All in all, we’re both tired as hell

But happy the farm is still all well!

My hubs is so sweet, he’s quite the charmer

It was just another night spent loving my farmer!

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