Fall favs: Chili and Jalapeño waffles

We’re getting back into the swing of life, and fall is sneaking up on us! Time flies!!

In honor of all the things I love about fall -College football (go HOKIES!!!), leaves turning, all things pumpkin, and pots of soup calling my name:) – I thought I’d share this homey recipe!

First, I was in our little grocery store last night grabbing stuff for this dish when I ran into my sis and a friend. My sis couldn’t believe I would attempt this on a weeknight. Ummmm, this was EASY. Like stupidly easy. And perfect for a fall meal. So, here goes!!

I’ve always loved chili and usually the hotter the better, but admittedly struggle eating other people’s because I am annoyingly picky #dontjudge. I despise chunks, but rest assured this recipe can easily be changed for all my chunky onion/tomato folks.

I also love pretty much anything to do with corn. Corn bread. Corn cakes. Corn pudding. Corn salad…….

Here is the marriage of two beautiful foods: chili and corn bread.

I made a double recipe, so feel free to halve this!

I browned the meat, opting for traditional hamburger and not so traditional loose chorizo sausage – all made from our beef and hogs. Gold mine. Spectacular. But if you don’t have chorizo sitting in your freezer like I do, hamburger is fine:)

I threw in a couple tablespoons of dried minced onion for multiple reasons: flavor is important, I cry every flipping time I chop one up, I hate chunks, dried onion is EASY. (If you prefer good old fashion onion, dice up a medium onion and brown it with your meat.) I added in store bought chili seasoning #weeknightmeal #lazy (two since this is a double recipe), and cans of rinsed corn, kidney beans, and black beans.

Super complicated, right?!

I mentioned I was picky. So….

I may or may not use puréed tomatoes.


Feel free to use whatever version of canned tomato you like. It will still work:)

I always keep beef and chicken stock on hand, and I added about of a cup of broth to thin it down a little. I tasted and decided it needed a teaspoon of sugar. And that was it. Simmer away my friend…

Want it hotter? Go ahead and add whatever you like to for heat. My personal favorite is a chipotle pepper in adobo sauce diced up: smokey, yummy heat. Unfortunately, Munchkin needed to be able to eat this and although he can take a little heat…I didn’t want to over-do. This was warm enough on its own for him:)

Off to waffle wonderland….

I cheated BIG TIME.

Here comes the Martha White cornbread packet. Just the regular sweet one:)

I mixed it up as directed, diced half of a jalapeño pepper (a whole one if you want more heat) and added half a cup of grated cheddar cheese. Into the waffle maker it went and voila!!!! Beautiful jalapeño cornbread waffles.

How to assemble?

Waffle cocked up in the bowl on the side, ladle in the chili, top with freshly grated cheddar, sour cream, and chives.

You’re welcome.

We’re eating it tonight too:)



Chili Ingredients:

1lb hamburger

1lb chorizo sausage

2Tbs dried onion

Two packets chili mix

28oz puréed tomato

15oz corn

15oz kidney beans

15oz black beans

~1 cup broth (optional)

1 tsp sugar


Brown meat, then add onion, corn, and beans. Mix in chili mix. Stir in tomato purée. Add broth to thin if desired. Add sugar to balance acidity of tomato.

Waffle ingredients

1 package Martha White sweet cornbread mix

1 egg

1/2 c milk

1/2 jalapeño pepper finely diced

1/2 c cheddar cheese


Mix cornbread mix as directed on package. Add diced jalapeño and cheese. Spray hot waffle iron with cooking spray, then ladle mix into iron. This perfectly made 4 square waffles in my iron.

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