Thank you, thank you, thank you for dropping in!

What should you expect? Hilarious stories from the farm (hopefully…otherwise I have failed miserably). Let’s face it, our life yields some unique situations, and you are the beneficiary of our struggles. Recipes. Lots of them. Did I mention I like to cook? No? I do. A lot. And an occasional tribute to trying to raise the next generation of farmers.

Growing up in a farming family, the only granddaughter of a man who only had daughters, it was impossible for sexism to exist in our family. You want to grow up believing women can do anything – my Pa knew how to make that happen:) #girlpower

All jokes aside, I just couldn’t ignore a few key factors when searching for a mate –

Farmer’s tans are hot. I like tractors. And cows.

Is it any wonder I married into another farming family? I think not.

Our wedding day got picked based on hay season and I had to relearn how to rake hay (evidently I didn’t do it right…), but I have managed to improve my husband’s palate beyond beef, potatoes, and bread!

Lets meet the cast;)



Hubs: I often want to cause him bodily harm. He drives me nuts. But he loves me. He’s my partner. He puts up with my messiness, the fact that the kitchen EXPLODES every gosh darn time I cook, he lets me rake hay (and compliments me on my spectacular abilities on a tractor), and he asks my opinion on cows (a really big deal).


Munchkin: Oh, how our world turned upside down the moment we found out he was on the way. As did my moonshine drink…

I worried he wouldn’t like the farm. That he’d be scared of cows. He’d hate horses.

Ummm. We’re good. A little too good. He came out the womb loving all things with four legs or wheels. He has no fear…and I’m unhappy to report very limited self-preservation. He’s attempted to drive his battery-powered four wheeler through the fence to check cows, will ride a horse until he literally falls asleep while moving, and is known to give his mother heart palpitations. But man do I love being his momma.

The girls. Aka Molly and Sadie. Molly, Hub’s #1 girl (I’m #2 and ok with it), our border collie, security head, baby wrangler, and the reason our vets know us WAY too well. Sades – the sweetheart, car-riding, terrified-of-cows-despite-being-a-herding-dog, angel of a girl.

And me? I’m just a girl who loves food a little too much, likes working cattle, but loves my pedicures. Will rake hay, shower, curl my hair, throw on a dress, and cook for all our friends. I love boots and tractors, heels and a great black dress.


I cant wait to share our little life with y’all! Happy reading:)

3 thoughts on “Welcome!!”

  1. I would love to follow your blog! I’m a total fan of you guys thru the sweet stories I hear from GrandMere😘😉😉😉


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